A Global Business Development
Private Investment Company

Our mission.

As a business development & management firm our purpose is to create tremendous value for multi-cultural moguls by providing the highest level of service in publishing, licensing, marketing and partnerships.

We create opportunities where others have overlooked and we also dedicate the resources necessary to create platforms for the continued success of our moguls.

We are as passionate as our moguls to break the barriers to unparalleled success, even in a world that doubts. We leverage all in-house resources, investments and partnerships to ensure that the moguls who trust us will never be disappointed.

Our founders.

Kym Landon

Kym Landon

Chief Operating Officer

Kimberley’s passion for creating opportunities for moguls is the ethos that aligns our team and their pursuit of exceptional success for our moguls.

Jahmorly Reynolds

Jahmorly Reynolds

Managing Partner

From helping multi-cultural founders launch fashion brands to making history as industry pioneers, Jahmorly has been a force for leaders who want to achieve their highest potential.

Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith

Chief Global Growth & Compliance

From Africa to the Americas, Brooke aligns the global strategies of our moguls with the regulatory and cultural requirements of each market we operate.

Our platforms.

Moguls.LIVE Media Network
The Moguls.LIVE media network delivers the latest headlines and entertainment relevant to the moguls of the world.

Moguls VIP lifestyle community
Moguls.VIP is a lifestyle concierge helping moguls find a community to network and access exclusive perks.

Mogul Rack Marketplace
Online e-commerce marketplace allowing shoppers to find interesting and modern designs and art by moguls.

Mogul Lab online consulting platform
Mogul Lab is a consulting platform that allows our moguls to find consulting jobs from the world’s best brands.

Moguls Me
Premium link sharing service designed to allow moguls to grow their audiences online.

Cultural Relevance marketing firm
Premium marketing and e-commerce services agency helping our moguls excel at online sales and establishing a global presence.