Supercharge your VC and M&A portfolios with vetted brands.

Tap into brands vetted from conception for operational excellence.

Only 10% of the world’s population is under the poverty level and thus the rapid growth of a culturally diverse global middle-class is creating opportunities for companies ready to service this multi-cultural market.

Mogul Studios partners with renown founders to create high growth startups outfitted with scalable technology, great teams and a multi-cultural competitive edge.

Our funds.

American Moguls Fund I

Access to American based software and consumer companies founded by successful Moguls.

Global Moguls Fund I

Africa and Asia fund focused on companies servicing the fast growing global middle-class. COMING 2020

What we do.

Executive Search
Tap into our database of the top diverse talent ready to add tremendous value to your organization

We help you discover licensing opportunities for new cultures globally.

New Ventures
Launch new brands and products with our help from product development to marketing and stakeholder development.