Your partner for accomplishing more

The FREEDOM to take on your BIG ideas by your rules.

With others, you are just another token on the roster. At Mogul Studios you are more than a client, you are apart of our mogul family where multi-cultural diversity isn’t a buzz-word, but the core of who we are. With our in-house resources and partnerships, we help moguls build success that benefits themselves and the communities that share their passions.

We work with moguls from the dreamer phase, not just when you’ve achieved celebrity status. We will incubate, launch, and expand your ideas.

Platforms for Moguls.

Consult with C-Suite executives and provide employee training to brands with the freedom of working on your time.

Moguls.VIP is a lifestyle concierge helping moguls find a community to network and access exclusive perks.

Online e-commerce marketplace allowing shoppers to find interesting and modern designs and art by moguls.

Premium marketing and main-stream publicity for moguls to excel at promoting premium products.

The Moguls.LIVE media network delivers the latest headlines and entertainment relevant to the moguls of the world.

Premium link sharing service designed to allow moguls to grow their audiences online.

What we do.

Global Marketing
All your your branding, websites, apps, books, packaging, and marketing campaigns are handled by our in-house marketing agency.

We negotiate on your behalf, leveraging our resources and partnerships to secure the best deals for you.

Your portfolio of intellectual properties are procured, protected, and monetized  around the world.

From concept to manuscript, our team is here to work with you to turn your books into bestsellers.

Share your expertise with the world while we handle the intricacies of ensuring your speaking engagements go off without a worry.

Launch your next venture with the backing of our investment syndicate. We’ll help with the hard work of getting your business ready for investing.

Connecting you with brand partners for mutually beneficial joint ventures with equity and royalty deal structures.

Deal Sourcing
Our team works daily to find new growth initiatives for your brand. Through our partner network and clients we actively seek out new deals for you.